Monday, January 26, 2009

A Patient Product in an Impatient World

Recently, we had the honor of getting the Hourglass reviewed by, one of San Francisco’s premiere tech blogs. Gizmodo usually covers high-tech trends and products like laptops and cell phones, but no matter who is reviewing, we’re always excited to get feedback on people’s experiences with the Hourglass. (And let’s face it: geeks drink a lot of coffee, so many of Gizmodo’s readers are very likely coffee connoisseurs.)

The Hourglass frustrated the Gizmodo reviewer, who, from the sounds of it, was looking for a coffee maker that would provide a little bit more instant gratification. Unfortunately, the Hourglass isn’t really for people looking for instant coffee. (In my experience, that only gets you coffee that tastes like…well, like instant coffee. Yuck!) The Hourglass is for people who want the richest flavor possible from their coffee; for coffee drinkers who love the taste of coffee so smooth it needs no cream.

We were disappointed by the review at first, but then the comments from readers began to add up. And up and up and up (for 54 pages!). Like the comments for a lot of tech blogs, they were both insightful and colorful, but overall, one thing became clear: the people who identified themselves as gourmet coffee drinkers all spoke overwhelmingly positively about the quality and benefits of cold-brew coffee. Not everyone is ready to wait 12 hours for coffee, but those who do appreciate the reward.

In the end, we’re proud just to have been reviewed, and glad to be a part of the San Francisco tech blog universe, even if we were slightly misunderstood. We’re also still waiting to hear from the reviewer on how the coffee tasted, too!

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