Monday, January 19, 2009

When is Cold Not Cold?

Cold-brew coffee is named for the process used to make it: coffee grounds and cold water, left overnight, produce a rich coffee extract that is then combined with boiling water (or ice water) to make delicious low-acid coffee. Despite the name cold-brew, coffee doesn’t have to be cold! We made the Hourglass for hot coffee lovers as much as we did for fans of iced coffee. (It’s also great for people like me, who love both—the Hourglass makes enough extract for 8 servings, and I usually end up having just as many hot cups as I do cups of iced coffee.)

When people first see the Hourglass, they ask what it is, and I’m often not sure what I want to tell them first. It’s a coffee maker that makes healthier, stomach-friendly coffee. It’s a low-acid, space-saving coffee maker made from health-safe BPA plastic. It’s a ticket to getting rid of the bitter bite of Starbuck’s daily grind.

It’s a cold-brew coffee maker, but believe me—it’s just getting warmed up!

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