Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Hourglass Goes Camping

Now that spring has arrived, here in the Pacific Northwest that means only one thing: it’s camping time! As much as we love the vibrancy of Portland’s urban setting, there’s nothing quite like retreating to the mountains, or spending a weekend by a remote lake with nothing but the evergreens to keep us company. Thankfully, Kim and I have an annual camping trip with our friends that we take, so we make sure we always get a chance to unplug over a long weekend each year.

This year was our first year being able to take the Hourglass with us, more specifically coffee brewed in the Hourglass but in the portable Bean Kanteen™and we were excited to try it out in a new setting. Some of the friends who join us on this trip each year are people we don’t see that often, either, so it was going to also be our chance to introduce them to the Hourglass in person.
Everyone got there on a Friday afternoon, and we spent the evening setting up camp. The campsite was as perfect as it is every year: remote, under the trees, and a short walk from the lake.

The next morning, as everyone was getting up, I noticed my friend Doug, half-asleep, struggling with a French Press. He had set some water to boil on the campfire, and was unpacking the press that he’d brought with him, looking at the parts and briefly trying to remember how they went together. After a few minutes, he declared to the camp that he wasn’t sure how good the coffee was going to be, because his French Press had gotten cracked in his bag on the trip up to the campsite.

I told everyone that Kim and I had brought enough coffee extract for everyone, and that with just some hot water, we’d all have our morning coffee in no time. Within minutes, everyone had both hands wrapped around their own mug, happily enjoying their morning coffee. Doug looked a little bit disappointed to not be the one making it, but the look on his face after his first sip of Hourglass coffee told me that he was glad about how things had turned out.

With the Hourglass, we were able to have quick, easy coffee on our camping trip, in a container we weren’t worried about breaking. The best part is that next year, we know we won’t be the only ones with our own Bean Kanteen™ full of coffee extract on the trip!

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