Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hourglass Showdown: Iced versus Hot!

One of the best things about the Hourglass is that when you first make a batch of coffee extract, you don’t have to decide right away how much of it you want to drink hot and how much you want to drink cold. Each time you’re ready for coffee, you can either add it to ice and milk, OR you can add it to boiling water—and save the rest of the extract for later. But lately, we’ve come to a bit of an impasse: which is better, hot or cold? I (Bob) love it hot, and Kim loves it cold, and we thought our Blog would be a good place for each of us to settle it once and for all.

The Case for Hot (from Bob)
To me, the best coffee is hot coffee—there’s just something about a piping hot cup o’ joe that demands the drinker’s attention and really delivers on the flavor of whatever kind of coffee I’m using. I like coffee to jumpstart my day, and a big part of that is the kick of that first sip that almost burns my tongue, while drenching it in flavor. The Hourglass perfects the coffee experience by removing the harsh bite of bitter flavor that usually comes from regular coffee. I can’t get enough Hourglass coffee when served hot!

The Case for Cold (from Kim)

The Hourglass really changed my coffee-drinking habits, and I think that’s because I now know that I can drink great iced coffee, anywhere without a fuss—I just grab my extract, add it to ice and a little bit of milk, and voila! Hourglass coffee bliss. It’s perfect for my mid-mornings, when I crave a snack but it’s too early for lunch, and it’s ideal after dinner with a splash of vanilla syrup, ice and milk…dessert anyone? Because I’ve become such an all-the-time coffee drinker, having a cold cup around is pretty much a delicious necessity for me!

And the Winner Is…

…The Hourglass®! Kim and I love to debate about whether or not the Hourglass produces better hot coffee or iced coffee, but the truth is that no matter which you prefer, the Hourglass system lets you change your mind, and your favorite coffee drink, as often as you like. Because each batch of extract makes up to 8 servings, we’re able to each drink Hourglass coffee the way we like it whenever we want—no disagreements required! As we like to say, the Hourglass is better for stomachs—and relationships, too!

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