Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tales from the Housewares Tradeshow, Part Two

We’ve told you a little bit about how much people at the Chicago International Housewares Show loved the Hourglass Coffee samples, but I’d like to pause now to give a sense of how fun and chaotic the rest of the show was.

Before arriving, we didn’t really have a sense of how many people and how many exciting products were going to be at the show—we knew that ‘housewares’ means anything that’s useful in the home, but had no idea that we were going to see so many great products, from space-age flatware to cookbooks!

Because McCormick Place is so big, there were literally thousands of products to see, and we really would have loved the chance to go exploring and meet some of the other vendors. It was amazing to feel such a large space electrified with the hope and anticipation of so many new product-makers.

Thankfully, the Hourglass® really stood out in the crowd, not only because we had a steady stream of people coming to sample (and re-sample, ha-ha!) our coffee, but because it was one of the few products that was bringing something new to market—a cold-brew coffee maker that makes healthier, smoother coffee. Even those familiar with cold-brew coffee were excited to learn about the Hourglass infusion process, and we were surprised with how many people were intimately familiar with the benefits of BPA-free plastic!

When the show was over, we left completely thrilled that we’d accomplished our mission: we were able to establish some important relationships for the Hourglass® and officially introduce the Hourglass® to the market—all the while sharing our favorite part: the flavor!


  1. If I could own any two coffee makers Toddy would be one and this the hourglass would be the other.

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